by Blaž Urban Gracar

A puzzle book (88 pages, A6 format)
+ transparent plastic sheet
Full colour print
PDF download link included

English language
Published by Letibus Design
ISBN: 9789619585320

Decipher the long lost Abdec textbook through more than 70 mind-blowing and page-transcending puzzles.

​Abdec is a forgotten textbook about the writing system of the weird and elusive little "Abb" creatures. Their typography resembles devilishly difficult packing puzzles. Due to a fire accident that burnt important pages in the book - the last remaining Abdec book in the world, which was also scanned for this reissue - players need to figure out how the Abdec writing system works completely on their own.

From the creator of the critically acclaimed puzzle book LOK, Abdec continues with the same design philosophy of making rules a part of the puzzle, but takes it to the extreme. Meant for thinky connoisseurs and those who want to explore ruleless puzzlescapes beyond LOK, it offers a challenging, but deeply rewarding solving experience.

Abdec is spiral-bound, printed in full colour and it includes a transparent sheet that can be placed over any page and drawn on with a dry erase marker (marker not included).