by Blaž Urban Gracar

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A puzzle book (104 pages)
+ transparent plastic sheet

Second Edition
Published by Letibus Design
ISBN: 9789619585313

Discover a vast unknown world and learn its cryptic language through more than 90 word-search puzzles!

LOK is a book of mind-bending word-search puzzles. The goal of each puzzle is to find Lok ​keywords and use their special effects to black out all cells in a grid. On top of that, you must also figure out most of the rules by yourself, deducing them from the carefully crafted sequence of more than 90 puzzles, contained in the main storyline, 2 expansions and many off-page enigmas. The result is a deep and rewarding experience with surprising twists and insights.

LOK is available as a physical book. It is spiral-bound and it includes a transparent sheet that can be placed over any page and drawn on with a dry erase marker. Solving puzzles on paper is the way that LOK is meant to be played.